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In 2010, Rotsi was launched by Linіyka Slots3, and the advance of the TOGO serial for mobile dodatkiv. At 2014, the Rotsi Provider I will be a Malteiska with the 4th RIVNIA, and through RIK-certificate for the GLI standard. In 2016, Rotsі was one serpent in Betsoft – Igrovi Automation Fixing to Vidita Ztml5 Technologies. Yakіsna Trivimirna Grafika is available on mobile extensions.

Popular Igrovikh Automatians Betsoft

Number Nagorodi Pidfurvyuta Shanuvalnikov Azartnikh Rosvag to the famous brand. The rice of the provider Betsoft is characteristic – the visibility. On the ears of the skin, the roller is demonstrated, to enter the slot into the atmosphere. Kozhen ZI 170 automatically naughty plot of the і neurno realisticanista at the transfer of it, Sho.

Characteristic rice of the provider Betsoft є:

– the score in the automatics of Betsoft is at the beast, on the mobile upwards;

– The Great Assortment of Nastyl Tu Kartkovikh Igor: Poker (at that number of Ekskluzivni Modelly), roulette, Bakara, Blackjack, Scretch-Carty, Kostas, and the same sports mini-igri;

– The fluidity of the Igrae process of the technology industry;


Novaki Varto Zaver Sight on the Krashchi break Betsoft: “After Night Falls”, “Magic Shoppe”, “A Night in Paris”, “Kawai Kitty”. Founding RTR (97.80%) May іgrovy machine “Good Girl, Bad Girl” at the genre Fantasy. In the portfolio of the provider presented, the subjects: Criminal, Products, Magia, Sea, Science, Cosmos, ї ї ї ї ї izhrovy in izhrovi automatics online Bezkoshtovno on the penny.

IGROVE FELISH BILSHOSTI Slotiv represented by 5×3 format. The Kervannya Panel is a simple process of Pin Up Casino the process: є the buttons are launched by the autosture, show the balance, can turn the lines of the bid in the bid. Kilkіst Lini Vipels VID 10 to 30.

Portfolio of the Rosobroth Nalіchu, the pivtori of the hundreds of yaksi, such type:

– Nastilni Igri – roulette, Blackjack, poker (including Ekskluzivni Warranti), Kostas;

– Mittєva Lottery-at the format of a scretch-card;

– VideoPlazer – PAUN 30 WARIANTIV;

– Sports Igri, ShO Imitu True Zmagannya.

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