One of the most widely-used social apps for the young generation, TikTok is becoming more mainstream. Additionally, it is used by adult users who appreciate short-form videos. The popularity of TikTok can be employed to aid in learning, since educators could employ it to create educational content. It is possible that you are wondering what you can do with TikTok as an educational tool.

These phrases could help make your essay longer

TikTok phrases can prove useful for those who are struggling with in writing your essay. These videos will assist you with a greater word count and sound smarter all at once. The tips are popular among students, with some even sending the tips to parents.

The most effective way to extend your essay is to increase its words per page. It will also allow you to reuse a large portion of the material that you’ve already written. Make sure that your essay is capable of recognizing any errors. So, it’s essential to concentrate more on the quality of your essay rather than its quantities. For a longer essay take the time to consider the prompt for your essay or essay from different angles.

Additional evidence

Adding more support for your essay may make it more convincing. You can do this by using references to other parts in the essay. Include supporting information and an organized outline for each point. Also, it is important to be prepared for arguments that are not in your favor. The ability to determine the points you will write persuasively and give evidence for every one of them.

Use transition words

The essay you write, the transition words are used to establish the relationships between paragraphs or sentences. These words improve your writing’s flow as well as create context between the points. There are many examples of transition words to use: Charting is used to follow treatment of patients. Charting is followed by treatment for the patient.

• Make transition words distinct. The function of transition words is to tie to write pieces, creating cohesion and consistency. It’s possible to seek guidance in choosing the proper words or phrases. A list of transition words can be used to help write your essay.

Utilize a thesaurus

A thesaurus can be a powerful tool when writing. It will assist you in finding synonyms for words you often employ and can help find the right word for an concept. While many students think that having a thesaurus can make them sound pretentious, this is an error. Thesauruses can help you change tone and nuance. A word such as prosaic can give your writing an academic tone, while vanilla makes it appear more informal and slangy. You should remember that certain phrases may be more appropriate for certain types of audiences than others.

Avoid repetition

One of the easiest ways to write a good essay is to not repeat yourself. It can make a reader’s read less fun, and it can also negative impact the readers’ perception of your essay. If you want to avoid repetition, try employing a software program that has a Find feature. This feature can help you find terms and phrases you frequently repeat.

Thesaurus is another option to avoid repetition. There is a way to substitute commonly used words with synonyms. A lot of grammar checkers come with a built-in thesaurus. Take care not to make overly many synonyms. It is best to use thesaurus sparing and limited.

If you’re repeating the same sentence over and over, try rewriting your sentences. This will eliminate repetition and give a lively rhythm in your work. Your writing will be interesting to and read. The more words that are repetitive you eliminate, the better your essay will read.

A good method to prevent repetition is by using pronouns. Pronouns are used to identify different individuals. It’s fine to utilize them for a few occasions depending on the context. Make use of pronouns when appropriate, and include your names very sparsely. For ensuring that your writing flow naturally it’s helpful to ask someone to read the text aloud. You can also look for patterns when editing.